Conventional Gifting

Even the smallest gift has the power to compress the largest amount of words into something very tangible

  • A one-stop shop for all your gifting needs. Your company’s logo, brand or message can be printed, engraved, etched or embroidered to provide the much needed personalized touch.
  • A treasure-trove of business gifts including but not limited to apparels, leather goods, ethnic gifts, stationary items, electronic gadgets, computer accessories, popular items (coasters, mugs, desktop items etc), souvenirs & mementos, crockery, custom-made gifts, personalized gifts, flower bouquets, gift baskets and so on.
  • Gifts tailored to suit the person. After all, we cannot forget the old adage ‘different strokes for different folks’.
Conventional Gifting

Social Gifting

Social responsibility is more than just a cause; it’s an inherent sense of responsibility to the society.

  • A combination of corporate social responsibility and corporate gifting
  • Another unique initiative by Gifts Galore involving end-to-end management of the entire activity from arranging the gifts to arranging the event to hand these over even if it involves travelling to far-off places
  • We have arranged such gifting initiatives and handing over events in Kanha, Tadoba & Pench wild-life sanctuaries in the presence of senior forest officials. We have also arranged such events in orphanages and old age homes in & around Pune.

Birthday Bonding

Happiness doen’t result from what we get but what we give!!

  • A unique ‘Birthday Bonding’ initiative by Gifts Galore. 
  • A powerful, ongoing & continuous PR intervention which helps you stay in touch with your important stakeholders for years
  • Involves professional management of gifting pertaining to birthdays, anniversaries, special days (Doctors Day, Teachers Day etc) and other similar occasions at an organizational level
  • Provides immense ‘value’ to clients as it is far more effective than the conventional methods of outreach and media. This solution comes at a meager price compared to the conventional methods which many times require massive spending.
  • Already being offered to a large number of clients for several years
Birthday Bonding
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