“CREDAI Pune is an association of Pune-Pimpri Chinchwad based developers & is an arm of CREDAI National, the apex body of private real estate developers. It’s an organization with nearly 12,500 developers as members across the country. CREDAI is committed to make real estate a fair business for everybody associated & not just safeguard the interests of its members.

Housing is a very basic & essential need of any human being & with land getting scarce, it is a mammoth task to build & provide a home for every single family in this country and that too in their budget! Since CREDAI works towards building a better society, it drives many CSR initiatives which include skill development, labor welfare & so on. To be able to achieve this goal, we need to build personal rapport with many stakeholders including the who’s who of Pune.

CREDAI Pune is happily associated with Hemangi & her Gifts Galore team through their unique Gratitude Gifting concept which has helped us a lot in bonding with our stakeholders! We wish them all good things, a bright future and a great partnership ahead.”

–  Dr. Diwakar Abhyankar
   Director General, CREDAI-Pune

–  Sanjay Deshpande
   Chairman-CSR Committee, Credai Pune

“This is an era in which results & figures supersede emotions and in such testing times, staying connected with your clients is the single most important thing which brings out a difference between a good business & a bad one!


For Team Sanjeevani, a client is not just someone who pays us and contributes to our revenue, but every person who visits our office for any reason. We regard even our news paper delivery person/vendor as a client and we respect him for his contribution. The concept of connecting with people through Gifts Galore’s Gratitude Gifting initiative is something which appeals to every person who is not devoid of emotions. Gratitude Gifting is simply an act of connecting one human to another & therefore it doesn’t just stay limited to business. Converting business associations to an everlasting relationship is what makes this entire concept by Hemangi extremely unique!


I will share an example of a friend who called me at midnight and told me how thrilled he was to receive a greeting card as a hard copy after ages and thanked me for having reminded him of his birthdays in those ‘Archies Gallery’ times around his college days.


Another important aspect is the ‘value’ that this concept brings to its clients. Compared to any other media which the world of marketing knows, Gratitude Gifting is far more affordable & undoubtedly lot more effective as it helps you stay connected with your clients and other stakeholders forever at a very small price!


The dedication & sincerity with which Hemangi’s team works makes them numero uno in the field & that is why we, at Sanjeevani, have included every person that we have been associated with in the giftee list!  For us, the real wealth in any business is not our profit figures but the number of people who feel rejoiced when our brand name is mentioned! All our best wishes to Hemangi & team Gifts Galore for their journey ahead and for making it real big as only sky is the limit for a unique concept like this!”

–  Sanjay Deshpande
   Sanjeevani Group

“We are a property development firm. Initially when I was introduced to this concept of birthday wishing and gifting, I wasn’t very sure about its effectiveness or about the overall idea. But I decided to be a bit open minded about something I didn’t know head or tail about and try it out wholeheartedly. Let me admit one thing here, I have never been more convinced about anything as quickly as I was about this concept. Hemangi and her team have always done a fantastic job and their professional yet flexible approach has been most commendable and helpful indeed. Our patrons have appreciated this gesture no end and connect that it has established with our customers is most delightful. I wish Gifts Galore and the team all the success and a big thank you for your services.”

–  Rahul Pandit
   Pandit Javdekar Group
“Since last few years we have been proudly associated with Gifts Galore which is being systematically and efficiently run by Ms. Hemangi Vartak. Thanks to the recommendation by Shri. Sanjay Deshpande, that we opted for their services whereby they assist us to deliver birthday gifts, cards & bouquets to our esteemed customer base and PR contacts. It has substantially relieved us from engaging our man hours that could have been gone into this uphill task. Moreover we are really impressed with the stupendous effort of their team. This outsourcing of greeting people has largely helped us improve our business growth and our customer relationships. Our heartfelt wishes to Mr. & Ms. Vartak and their team, for carrying on with their professionalism in this field. We wish that their business grows manifold.”
–  Jitendra Pethkar
   Pethkar Projects

“I do not remember the last time I met Ms. Hemangi Vartak as it has definitely been a few years. I also do not remember how long we have been associated with Gifts Galore. I vaguely recollect that Hemangi had visited our office once to introduce herself & her organization and later I had visited them once. The reason for highlighting this is that, such has been our association that I never had to meet Hemangi or even call her up to escalate some issue or to complain about their work!

Since the year we have been associated, Gifts Galore has helped us strengthen our relation with so many people. We won a lot of love & affection because Gifts Galore delivers all the gifts every year without fail to so many of our clients, associates, partners, friends, relatives and who ever we request even at the very last minute.

Gifts Galore is the only company I have known which works in the area of delivering love, affection and happiness to so many people. We really respect the dedication demonstrated by Hemangi and her team who work and travel throughout the day in scourging heat and rain to far away suburbs of Pune. Gifts Galore staff works day & night, irrespective of holiday, festival, area, location and gets the job done. They have amazing gifting ideas for any occasion and they do a fantastic job. We are very proud and happy to be associated with them and regard them as our sister concern company!”

–  Adish V. Kodre
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